Register an Emoji Domain Name

An Emoji Domain Name?

Put emojis in the url of your website!

Register an Emoji Domain Name.
Put Emojis in your URL.

Simply register an emoji domain name here, point the emoji domain towards your site, and as if by magic, you've rigged up a site that visitors can reach by merely typing a string of faces, foods, and animals into their url! Emojis domain names - emojis in your url - how cool is that?!

Emoji Domain Names Are Supported By
All Major Search Engines.

That's right, emoji domain names are fully supported by all major search engines! That means, no matter the platform visitors use, they will always be able to search for and click on your colorful emoji url to arrive at your site!


How is Domainoji making emoji domain names?

I'm glad you asked! The emoji domain making process is needlessly arduous (hence why we streamlined the process with this very site!). A browser converts emoji domains into convoluted strings like "xn--ki8hha", which it then utilizes to arrive at websites. We create those encoded domains for you, so you only have to deal with emojis.

Why am I limited to registering ".ws" emoji domain names?

".ws" is currently the only TLD that permits the registration of emoji domains. That means, for the time being, via Domainoji, you are unable to register emoji domains on TLDs like ".com", ".org", ".net", etc.

Have any tips or tricks for registering emoji domains?

Yep, here's one! Make sure the emoji domain you choose looks similar to or conveys the same meaning as its cross-platform counterparts. For example, the water gun (🔫) emoji is graphically represented as a toy squirt gun on iOS 10 platforms. If you own a blog about water gun toys, and you purchase a "squirt gun emoji" domain, only a small fraction of your audience will be presented with the sight of a toy water gun, because many Android phones display the toy water gun emoji as an actual gun. When registering emoji domains, always check and see how your emoji domain will be displayed on other platforms. You can view an emoji's cross-platform representations on